About me [CV]

Yang Hong is currently working toward a doctor's degree in the School of Mathematical Sciences, University of Science and Technology of China. His research interests include geometric & image processing, 3D human modeling and neural rendering.


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StereoPIFu: Depth Aware Clothed Human Digitization via Stereo Vision
Yang Hong, Juyong Zhang, Boyi Jiang, Yudong Guo, Ligang Liu and Hujun Bao.
CVPR 2021
alt text
Bcnet: Learning body and cloth shape from a single image.
Boyi Jiang, Juyong Zhang, Yang Hong, Ligang Liu and Hujun Bao.
ECCV 2020
alt text
Fast Generation of Spatiotemporal-Consistent Dynamic Atlas.
Yang Hong, Kang Wu, Wei Li, Wei Hu and Ligang, Liu.
Journal of Computer-Aided Design & Computer Graphics. 2020,32(05)
alt text
Static/Dynamic Filtering for Mesh Geometry.
Juyong Zhang, Bailin Deng, Yang Hong, Yue Peng, Wenjie Qin and Ligang, Li.
TVCG 2019


Email hymath@mail.ustc.edu.cn